Cheers to the Class of 1968 - 51 Years Later!

FINALLY!  The reunion memory book is ready.  You may view and order the book using this link:   Class of 1968 Reunion  *
A few good things to know:
ORDERING was the photobook website used to create this book.  You may need to provide your email to sign up for the site in order to view the book.  You can always “unsubscribe” from the site after you view or order your book.
The book costs about $55 (includes tax and mailing) for a hard glossy cover without any discounts
Look in the upper right corner of for the “DEALS” tab.  There are ALWAYS short term deals available to you.  You will also receive discount coupons in your email if you want to wait a few days to order.  One way to reduce the cost is to order the book with a “soft cover”, you’ll save about $10 by doing this.
You might try my “Refer a Friend” link to save $20; this may work for you.  This link is:
There are no books available to sell other than through  If you have questions about ordering, send an email to  I will do what I can to help.  You will always be able to see and order the individual photos taken reunion night at
Shelly (Mitchell) Fletcher
*  The full link to this book – copy and paste in your browser:
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